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Haptic Gaming “The Game You Can Feel”

Haptic gaming what is it? Haptic gaming is the use of technology to provide force feedback based off interactions and stimulation’s from forces into or out of devices to user and user to device. In plain terms if we are on two different computers and I touch the screen you feel my touch and If […]

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Welcome to KRISTTECH

Welcome to Kristtech “Taking the Greek out of Geek”  

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The perfect place to find your Technology Needs

The perfect place to find your technology needs. Have questions leave a comment. Want help with technology leave a comment. Review our FB page like share follow, enjoy our videos and streams. Technology makes our life easy learn how. Buy new tech computers, parts, accessories and more try our shop.

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Get Started In Computer Repair

If you are an IT professional looking for computer repair jobs, you are probably wondering where you should start. There are a lot of different options for someone looking to get into IT repair work and many opportunities for you in the small business space. A big question you probably have is whether or not […]

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What Is a Pro Gamer

With obsessive fans, cutthroat competition and thriving rivalries between teams, pro gaming competition has more in common with “real” sports than you might think. Like any athletic sport, from the NFL to Olympic figure skating, to become an elite contender in e-sports demands intensive practice. Massively, a site dedicated to the broad genre of “massively […]

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